I’ve been a life long fan of film and art, often frequenting galleries in London’s West End with my family as a child. Modules in film and visual studies in my last year of university sparked a real passion for visual communications.

I had publishing experience working for online music and technology magazines from the mid-2000s onwards. In the early 2010s, a hobby in motion graphics and projection mapping turned full time, and I worked on live music gigs and festivals nationwide and then internationally. I also found time to teach a course in Creative Vjing and tutoring Youth Group events for a film school in Oxford.

I started working at Percipio as a graphic designer in 2015. Since meeting my wife in Ibiza, I have become less of an international nomad and have settled nicely on the Sussex coastline.

Philip Rust

Fun Fact

I used to have the uncanny ability to recognise celebrities from the back of their heads.

Top 3 Star Wars Movies

  1. Episode V
  2. Episode IV
  3. Episode VI