I’ve always had a passion for understanding how everything works – I built my first computer ~25 years ago, which drew me into the IT industry. After amassing qualifications in network design and server administration, I quickly became uninspired with the slow pace of technical support. So, I went back to school and jumped into the world of web and software development over 15 years ago – more to keep me busy than anything else.

The web was still young back then (only 20% of the world population had an internet connection) and was in need of a significant improvement. Using my systems background and programming knowledge, I was called upon by several universities to rebuild their system architecture and build reusable, scalable web platforms. During these projects, I realised there was a greater need for bespoke applications than the skills to build them.

I’ve always sought to maximise the impact of projects. This allows me to learn and build on my experience even more.

Outside of work, I’m a family man – a proud husband and father of two wonderful children. I still love to learn and aside from programming, I’ve picked up plenty of other life skills – I pretty decent at whittling, I can ice skate, juggle, solve a Rubix cube, build an origami safari and even ride a unicycle.

I’m always happy to talk things web-related – so if you have any ideas, questions or simply want to run an idea past me, I’d love to hear from you.

Jamie Taylor

Fun Fact

I love doing things for charity – have done the London to Paris bike ride, 3(5 actually) peaks challenge and am currently planning to kayak the Thames from source to the sea.


When I am not working, I can usually be found out running or doing renovation jobs around the house.

Top 3 programming languages

  1. SQL
  2. PHP
  3. JS