I’ve always been creative – it’s a passion that began in my early years with an obsession with felt tip pens. I channelled my creativity by doodling, drawing and creating works in my spare time and always gravitated to creative subjects throughout my education – which culminated in my degree in graphic design.

After graduating in 2019 with a first, I spent the next two years – whilst the world was upside down – developing my personal art style. This extended focus time has allowed for a huge amount of creative freedom and personal growth that has lead me to a point where I’m extremely proud of my artistic style. 

As a side hustle I run a business selling greetings cards and artwork prints which are available in local shops and online. 

When I’m not designing I enjoy going on walks, seeing friends for a game of bowling and spending time enjoying artisan coffee shops.

Helen Fairlie

Fun Fact

I’m scared of dogs… yes, even puppies.


Music, baking and podcasts! I also have a passion for dying my hair so you’ll often see me sporting my current favourite pantone.

Top 3 Indie pop albums

  1. Build a Problem – Dodie (2021)
  2. To Let a Good Thing Die – Bruno Majo (2020)
  3. The Love Umbrella – Grady (2021)