Blog 2021 A year in review

Looking back on our achievements of 2021.

Way back in January last year, we had great expectations (and a smidge of déjà vu) for regular co-working weeks, away days and face-to-face client meetings 2021. The year flirted with one step towards normalcy and one away from business-in-a-pandemic, but that hope stammered and then quickly shuddered to an abrupt halt.

Nevertheless, whilst we may have only managed a single co-working meetup, we had an extremely productive 2021 and have a number of accomplishments to be proud of and look back on.


Launched Version 3.0 of the EEF’s Teaching and Learning Toolkit

To overwhelmingly positive critical acclaim, we launched EEF’s Teaching and Learning Toolkit along with a full web application rebuild. Users now have a vastly more interactive and informative space to use and specify how the overarching attainment impact can change if utilised in different environments. 

We launched our first financial product – The Harding Hub

The Harding Hub is a completely innovative employee portal that engages staff with their pension, benefits and payroll. Never before have employees been able to interact with their salary and choose how much to put into their pension or what benefits they would like – it’s a really exciting project, and we’ve only just gotten started. You can check out the promotional teaser video our team created and watch this space for a wider release in 2022.

Our craft plugins passed the 4000 installs mark

We’ve been building custom modules and plugins for our clients ever since we started but only recently started to offer some of them up to the development community. With over 4000 installs now, it’s clear that the tools we make aren’t just useful for us – they are also helping other development companies.

Produced a multitude of print reports for our clients

Our design team produced a whole host of print reports. Some of our faves were the EEF’s Teacher Feedback and Pupil Premium reports, along with IntegratED’s Annual Report 2020. Given that many of these reports are distributed to every school across the country, our in-house logistics management is often taken for granted, but definitely something to celebrate.

Expanded the team – again!

Demis joined us from the Netherlands in the summer as a front end developer and has quickly gotten up to speed. We’re on the lookout for a couple more developers and designers this year, so keep an eye on our job postings if you think you’d be a good fit here at Percipio. 

Raised nearly £3,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital 

Stuart, Carly, and I packed our bags and climbed the highest peaks in Scotland (Ben Nevis), England (Scafell Pike), North Wales (Snowdon) and South Wales (Pen Y Fan), to raise some money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Giving up our time for such a worthwhile cause was immensely rewarding – you can read more about the team effort on our blog.

Overcoming challenges

The wellbeing of our team is of paramount importance to all of us at Percipio – we share a common belief that a valued, empowered, and happy team will outperform any other that isn’t. Given the continued global issues faced in 2021, we put in extra effort to make sure our team never felt isolated in their role and had the support required to maintain sanity in life within their own four walls. 

Actively maintaining an atmosphere of growth is acutely harder to maintain when colleagues only meet’ over video screens.

We’re a remote company, so the team is well versed with self-motivated work in isolation – but we still crave our co-working meets. Some of our newer staff still haven’t met their co-workers in person, which is a tough ride in any business, but certainly, one where project collaboration is paramount to success. 

Percipio now has a virtual run club’ which motivates each of us to get outside and move our bodies, and we have twice monthly online socials where we play online games. Our staff also run various competitions ranging from football score predictions to Eurovision results and even a festive bake-off to round the year off. 

Even though I’m much more hopeful 2022 will allow us to break the 2 year co-working fast and reform team meet up collaborations again, I’m absolutely positive that the additional measures we’ve taken to ensure our virtual team feel more connected will remain in place.

What’s in store for 2022?

We’re recruiting – we’ll shortly need a larger design team to build out more animated content to support our web platforms and at least 1 more full-time developer to free up time for our extracurricular projects. 

Metaseed – our API platform will upgrade to allow for a greater variety of data outputs. Most of our projects utilise Metaseed in one sense or another, and this trend will continue through 2022

There are some exciting updates to increase the reach of the EEF Toolkit in the pipeline that will push product support to a global basis. 

Alongside our client work, we have at least 4 new plugins to add to the Craft plugin store this year that are being developed as part of the wider projects, and an accessibility web application in the pipeline.

All in all, 2022 is promising to shape up to a fantastic year of growth, and we can’t wait to see it unfold. 

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